My name is Steven Smith, I’m a junior Communications major at Queens. I’m taking this course because I honestly know very little about strategic communication, and I’m interested in knowing more about it. I’ve also heard from friends that it was a fun class, and I figured it would be a good way to  fill another required credit for my major. I have no prior experience with blogging so I’m glad that this might be another useful skill I could acquire throughout this course. I also know that this skill is extremely valued in the work place right now, so I’m very excited to learn more about it. I’m admittedly not the most tech-savvy person and I’m hoping that this course will help me gain some skills in that area as well.

To me, strategic communication means any type of media that needs to be strategically aimed at a certain audience. But as I said, I have never really taken a class like this before, so my knowledge of the subject is still very minimal. I think this class used to be called PR, so I’m guessing that it also has something to do with communicating to the public, and strategically getting a message across to the masses. I feel that this skill would be useful in the work place when a large organization would be communicating to their targeted audience, advertising, and marketing.