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Lab #9: Chic-fil-A

1. Overall, Chic-fil-A has a pretty impressive website and a noticeable web presence. Chic-fil-A uses a contact page as their customer interaction on their website. In order to give them feedback on something, you have to fill out some information about yourself and the restaurant you dine in. They also have a Facebook and a Twitter that they provide links to on the website, as another means of getting in contact with them. The web page is very easy to navigate and clear cut.

2. Chic-Fil-A’s Twitter account is easily accessible on their website, under the “contact us” tab.


Wordle: chic fil a

Wordle: chic fil a

4. Chic-fil-A seems to try to promote on their Twitter, including new products (e.g. spicy chicken sandwich), events they are putting on, fun facts about Chic-fil-A, even trivia questions that you can win prizes by answering. They also seem to seek customer feedback via Twitter, asking customers for their opinions on their new products.

5. The Chic-fil-a twitter mainly seems to try to encourage people to dine with chic-fil-a that day. There is also numerous tweets involving the congratulating of special employees, and marketing of new products. I would guess the tweets were about 60/20 broadcast over conversational. The bio basically just explains that this is the official Twitter of Chic-fil-A, and gives their slogan, “We didn’t invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich!”. They follow 7,106, and have 65, 722 followers.

6. On average Chic-fil-A tweets 3.5 times a day and 71 tweets per month. Most tweets come out around lunch time. Friday is Chic-fil-A’s most popular day to tweet. Chic-fil-A seemed to do a lot more tweeting last year. In January 2010 they tweeted 114 times, in January 2011 they tweeted only 35 times.

8. Chick-fil-A’s overall score is 73, which describes their overall online presence.

9. This link keeps telling me there is an error and to try again later.



My Twitter Top 10

Still relatively new to Twitter. But of the 82 people I’m currently following, these are the 10 I find most entertaining/important/funny/interesting/worth following.

1. Vinny Guadagnino -Vinny, from the MTV’s “The Jersey Shore”, tweets about the most hysterical yet insightful things that make me smile numerous times through out my day.

2. Barack Obama– The 44th President of the United States; it’s always nice to know what the President’s doing.

3. Rev. Run – Reverend Run (Joseph Simmons of Run DMC & MTV’s “Run’s House”) tweets constant words of wisdom/pick-me-ups that I always find useful and encouraging.

4. Gary Williams – The future hall of famer & head mens basketball coach of my Maryland Terrapins; any Terp fan would be crazy not to stay in the loop with Gary and the Terps Basketball team.

5. Chadwick Formica – Chadwick, junior at Queens, is just a hilarious guy whose tweets you can’t help but laugh at; he is best known for his coining and frequent use of the #errant hashtag.

6. Brad Panovich – Brad is the Chief Meteorologist for WCNC Charlotte; he provides constant updates of the unpredictable and strange weather of Charlotte, NC.

7. Drake – one of the few down-to-earth and truly talented hip-hop musicians of this generation; he tweets some pretty interesting & intuitive stuff, not to mention I’m always curious as to what he’s up to.

8. Queens Athletics – for those of you who are huge Queens sports fans, like me, following Queens Athletics is a crucial part of staying up to date with all of the athletic teams and Queens athletes.

9. Russell Brand – I think it’s important to follow people that provide simple comic relief to your Twitter experience, and British actor Russell Brand does exactly that.

10. Charlie Sheen – Sheen might not have even been on my Top 100 list as of a few months ago, but given his current circumstances I couldn’t resist.


I’ve had a Twitter account for about 5 or 6 months now. I’ve really enjoyed it since I’ve had, but honestly never really tweeted very much. Following my favorite musicians/actors/athletes has been my favorite part, and I usually only occasionally tweet (once or twice a week). My tweets have always been similar to Facebook status updates, and I never really felt like I knew what to tweet. When we were assigned with Lab 7 I was pretty nervous, and definitely didn’t think I would have enough to say for 3 tweets a day. However, after reading Dr. McArthur’s “Why I Tweet”, and a few of the other provided resources, I am starting to finally feel like I actually understand the point of Twitter and tweeting. I also followed some new people this weekend, and tried to expand the variety of people I follow, which gave me a better idea of the kind of tweets that actually get attention.

When I’m scrolling through Twitter, there are tweets that I don’t even bother reading, and ones that immediately catch my attention. It made me realize how important a single tweet could be. If it catches my eye, chances are it catches a lot of other tweeters attention.

The hardest thing for me about this assignment was trying to find things to tweet about that related to class content. I tried to tie a lot of things back to current things going on in the media and in the news, but the hardest part was definitely trying to tweet things that directly relate to class material. Reading other classmates tweets did give me some good ideas though.

This assignment was different than any I’ve done in any class at Queens so far. It was awesome to learn the true purpose of Twitter, and see how powerful a single tweet can be. I’m eager to continue to improve my tweeting skills!!/VABigDeer/status/42705976641601536


Steven Smith