I’ve had a Twitter account for about 5 or 6 months now. I’ve really enjoyed it since I’ve had, but honestly never really tweeted very much. Following my favorite musicians/actors/athletes has been my favorite part, and I usually only occasionally tweet (once or twice a week). My tweets have always been similar to Facebook status updates, and I never really felt like I knew what to tweet. When we were assigned with Lab 7 I was pretty nervous, and definitely didn’t think I would have enough to say for 3 tweets a day. However, after reading Dr. McArthur’s “Why I Tweet”, and a few of the other provided resources, I am starting to finally feel like I actually understand the point of Twitter and tweeting. I also followed some new people this weekend, and tried to expand the variety of people I follow, which gave me a better idea of the kind of tweets that actually get attention.

When I’m scrolling through Twitter, there are tweets that I don’t even bother reading, and ones that immediately catch my attention. It made me realize how important a single tweet could be. If it catches my eye, chances are it catches a lot of other tweeters attention.

The hardest thing for me about this assignment was trying to find things to tweet about that related to class content. I tried to tie a lot of things back to current things going on in the media and in the news, but the hardest part was definitely trying to tweet things that directly relate to class material. Reading other classmates tweets did give me some good ideas though.

This assignment was different than any I’ve done in any class at Queens so far. It was awesome to learn the true purpose of Twitter, and see how powerful a single tweet can be. I’m eager to continue to improve my tweeting skills!



Steven Smith