Chapter 8 in Sietels “The Practice of Public Relations” basically summed up everything I have learned so far this semester in my Communication Research class with Professor el-Nawawy. I’m putting almost every idea from Chapter 8 into use right now while doing my final research project for that class, so most things that were discussed were a review for me. But that’s not to say this isn’t all very important information. Research is a huge part of communication; communication professors have told me how valuable a skill research is in almost all communication fields, so understanding how to do it well is an important skill.

Some people find research to be a fascinating thing, I personally think it’s a pretty boring subject. There’s so much that goes into doing research, and its so much harder than it seems. This chapter just scratches the surface of everything under the umbrella of research. One thing that I found interesting in this chapter was the section titled “Research & The Web. This is something that we didn’t discuss in our Comm. Research class; we didn’t do any evaluations of research on websites.

I thought it was interesting when Sietel discusses “hits and eyeballs” on page 163, and talks about how they’re not always the most viable measurements of a websites popularity. He goes on to list some key questions that one should ask when evaluating a website. These are all extremely important ideas, especially for an organization that might have just come out with a new website. Its important to be able to understand what viewers are coming to your website for, what they are looking at, what they aren’t looking at, how far they’re going past the home page, and whether or not the site is serving its purpose. This seems like it would extremely valuable information for someone in the strategic communications field, and its something that I had never previously given that much thought.