Having now almost completed my semester in COMM 306, there’s no denying how much I’ve learned about blogging and the field of strategic communication. I would offer future COMM 306 students 5 tips to succeed in this course (not in order of importance; they’re ALL important!):

1. Attend every Lab day – Skipping any class is always a very tempting idea for all college students, and I’m right there with you. But making sure to attend every lab day in COMM 306 is of utmost importance for you to pass this class and do well. Labs in this class are a huge part of your grade, and missing a single lab day can put you pretty far behind and eventually have a very detrimental effect on your grade. Labs are usually something that you need to be in class to understand and do well on. Take it from someone that made the mistake of missing a few labs, go to lab days.

2. If you don’t have one yet, get a Twitter account–go ahead and get familiar with tweeting – If you already have a Twitter, good. Twitter and tweeting is a big part of this class. You’re even aloud to tweet in class! You’ll want to take advantage of this privilege . Also, tweeting for PR is a big part of this course, so get ahead and start checking out some of your favorite company’s tweets. You’ll be doing a lot of tweeting in this class. This will give you a head start!

3. Read the Book – Keeping up with the readings in this class will be a huge contributor to your success in the class. If you’re like me, and always wait until the last minute to buy your books, avoid that habit in this class. Buy the book, you’re going to need it a lot. Keep up with the readings and do them before class. Coming into class with an idea of what you’re going to discuss will always enhance you’re learning; not to mention, cramming for this exam is a no-no, so keeping up with the reading will help you with this as well.

4. Don’t cram for the exams! – Tip #3 leads me into tip #4. Cramming for the exams in this class is a huge mistake. You may think that because Dr. McArthur is a super cool dude that his tests are going to be easy, don’t make this misconception. He is a super cool dude, but his tests are really hard! And you have to study really hard! Don’t depend on the Jeopardy answer sheet as your all inclusive study guide, it probably covers 10% of what is actually on the exam. Study a few days in advance, I know it’s a crazy concept.

5. Keep up with your blogs – I know I said that all of these tips are important, but this 5th and final tip is probably the most vital to your success in COMM 306. Do not get behind on your blogs! You might not think so at the beginning of the semester, but you will be extremely stressed out when exam week rolls around and you only have a few posts. Blog everyday, even if you only do one; don’t put it off , you will regret it. With that said, try to make the most of your blogging experience. Dr.McArthur will tell you how marketable of a skill this is to have, so put some time into your blogs and really try to polish your blogging ability. Who knows? It might get you a job someday.