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Every time I turn on the news, I feel like I’m always getting an update on the life of the infamous Lindsay Lohan. I usually turn the channel right away, as soon as I realize that I could care less about whether this girl is in jail, out of jail, in rehab, whatever. When’s the last time she was in a movie anyway? Was it Freaky Friday? I honestly have no idea. I also have no idea why her antics can’t escape from my television. I can only assume that people out there actually care about her problems. There are so many more important things going on in our world, and Lindsay Lohan is just one of many examples of pointless news stories. Things like this have absolutely no business being in our news.

This got me thinking about how what is in the media gets chosen for coverage. It seems obvious to me that we don’t need constant updates on Lindsay Lohan’s personal life. One of the key rules in public relations is, report things that are NEWSWORTHY. I turn on the morning news, and literally 10% of the top stories actually seem newsworthy. How is Lindsay Lohan or the royal wedding relevant to me? Is this a problem with the media, or a problem with our society? I feel embarrassed every time I turn the news on.

George Gerber’s Cultivation Theory, states that the more one watches TV the higher their fear levels of the world are. This seems so wrong. The news shouldn’t increase fear; it should simply inform the public of the most important goings on. I realize that what’s most important isn’t always what’s most interesting, but does that matter?

Just something that’s been on my mind, thought I’d share in an ISC Connection.