Chapter 11 in Sietel’s “The Practice of Public Relations” discusses the expectation that companies should give back and reach out to the community. The level of which a company chooses to participate in the community is almost equally as important as public opinion, because how much the company gives back to the public, will influence public opinion. In class, we discussed whether or not it is an inherent duty of the organization to participate in philanthropic activities. I believe that it is. A company is part of the community in which it is located; it is my belief that when you are part of something, it is your job/responsibility to participate in it. Also, there are countless advantages for a company when it gives back to the community.

In the book, Sietel discusses four major things that the community expects from a company that resides in it. The first is appearance. This simply says that the building in which a company operates isn’t an eye sore, and that it doesn’t degrade the overall appearance of the town or community. In Charlotte, the community wouldn’t like it if a huge and ugly building was built in Uptown. Uptown Charlotte is an atheistically beautiful city, and it is important to the community that the companies there uphold the image. The second expectation is participation. This lays out that a company is expected to participate in goings on out in the community, or that they should be present in some way during major events. The third expectation is stability. Is the company stable enough to maintain business in the given town/city? Is there a market in the given town/city for that company? Basically, the community wants to be sure that the company isn’t going to up and leave or go out of business. The last expectation is pride.  The community wants the companies within it to have pride in the town/city. For example, I was driving through Richmond on my way home for the weekend, and a lot of companies’ parking garages had banners on them that said “Go Richmond Spiders!”, or, “Proud of our VCU Rams”. This is the kind of thing that a community really appreciates from the company’s that reside within it.