Reflecting on my semester in Integrated Strategic Communication (COMM 306) there’s no doubt about how much I’ve learned about the world of public relations and strategically communicating. Coming into the course in January, my knowledge on the topic was very limited. Public relations was a very vague concept; I pretty much thought that PR was synonymous with the media. Almost four months later, I realize that my prior beliefs about public relations were far too narrow. There is so much that goes under the umbrella of strategic communication.

In my first ISC Topic, I defined strategic communication as “any type of media that needs to be strategically aimed at a certain audience”. I was correct in that this a big part of strategic communication & public relations. There is so much more than goes into it than simply aiming messages at various publics. Admittedly, I even cheated a little bit when I made my first post. I had a general idea about how I might define strategic communication, but took a gander at Chapter 1 in our textbook, Sietel’s “The Practice of Public Relations”.

Almost everything we learned this semester in class contributed in some way to my learning in this subject. As I said, I had little/no previous knowledge about ISC, so almost everything we learned was new. What made this course interesting was that a lot of the things we learned about were things that I was familiar with, I just had no idea what exactly they were and how intricate they are. The topic I found most interesting was the law as it relates to public relations. I’m studying organizational communication with a concentration in pre-law, so I’ve taken a few courses that covered many of the laws we discussed. It was very interesting to look at the law and how it applies to the court of public relations. It was also eye opening to see how similar the two are, while still having such distinct differences in their goals.